the Shed Saloon & Country Dance Hall...
            it's the Place for Cold Beer, Warm Smiles, and HOT Times!
"WE" are a group of friends who have worked together in the past, and believe in this vision of the future.
Most of us have worked together in a similar venue... we enjoyed ourselves, but we recognize the problems that "Western Themed" club suffered from.  In starting fresh, with a clean sheet of paper, I believe we can avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of the past.
"WE" are Servers, Bartenders, Security, and Entertainers...and we all love what we do, we just want a place that we can love WHERE we do it!
"WE" have already worked as a TEAM.  We like each other and we do things together outside of work as friends, so combining our efforts is as easy as breathing for us.
"WE" believe that a Country and Western Themed Club needs more than a Buffalo Head and Guitar screwed to the wall, it needs a real Honky-Tonk "feel."   Yes, visuals are a part of the atmosphere but the "feel" comes from the heart and souls of the people that the customers interact with.  This club should be able to provide it's guests with transportation from their daily grind to a place where they can relax, forget their problems and become "Country Folk" for the night.   After spending an evening at "the Shed" we'd like our guests to wake-up ready to take on their lives like the Contestants in a Rodeo!
I am "Mace" and I've lived this life...
My first Rodeo numbers are framed on my wall, and those happy and sometimes sore memories are burned into my heart.  I've owned and operated one of the most successful KARAOKE businesses in the New Jersey Metro area.  Singing Country Songs is what makes me happy, and pitching a game of Horseshoes relaxes me to my core.  I can Two-Step my way around the dance floor with the best of um' and can't Line-Dance worth a darn, but I still keep trying!  I love my friends, I try to forgive my enemies, and I believe in the Golden Rule.       
                                      This Club is my life's dream...    

the Shed Saloon & Country Dance Hall...
it's the Place for Cold Beer, Warm Smiles, and HOT Times!