the Shed Saloon & Country Dance Hall...
it's the Place for Cold Beer, Warm Smiles, and HOT Times!

This club is still in it's planning stage, but when it finally becomes a reality it will be a home for real Country Folk, along with the rest of us who were born with Country in our hearts & pure Southern Rock flowing through our veins. 
Be prepared to kick up your heels and enjoy yourselves. When you're at
the Shed Saloon & Country Dance Hall...
       You're Home! 

the Shed Saloon & Country Dance Hall will not only have the area's best Country Dancing, it will also be a place to relax and enjoy a cold one with food that elevates the term "Bar Menu" to new heights!  On Our Stage you will be treated to the finest Country and Southern Rock talents that the Northeast has to offer...and maybe a few surprizes too!
What could be better?  
at the SHED will be serving up some Real Good Eats...
The best food this side of
a Chuck Wagon!  
How about this...?
A menu with pictures of the food,
that really LOOKS like the food you'll get!
NO corner cutting, only the BEST will do!
Your meal will be cooked with love.
If our people don't love what their doing,
they won't be doing it here!
 "Put a saddle on the STOVE ma,
            we're ride'n the RANGE tonight!"
Real Country Dance Nights!
We'll be looking for Top Notch Instructors to teach the hottest NEW dance steps and the Country Classics before we open our Dance Floor to the general public later that evening.
Of course we'll have Country Line Dancing too...
Watch for COUNTRY KARAOKE nights at the Shed.  If you're into Rap, Hip-Hop, Metal or Punk... BOY did YOU ever come to the wrong place!
...Just what is it about
that you didn't understand?

Think about it...You're up on a Real Stage and the lights are on YOU! The music starts and when you begin to sing, for the very first time your voice and the music are both coming through loud and clear on our Professional House Sound System and not some Rinky-Dink portable karaoke set-up. The realization strikes you like a Bolt of Lightning... THIS is what KARAOKE is Supposed to BE!


     NASCAR  at the Shed!
CHEAR for your favorite Drivers while watching them battle for the Cup!  Although we're not really a "sport's bar" some things just scream COUNTRY loud and clear... and nothing says it better than the Nextel and Busch series of Stock Car Racing.                   Join us for the fun!!!
Yes, there will be a "DRESS CODE" of sorts...
1.  GUYS, Unless your name is Larry the Cable Guy,
     you'd better have sleeves on your shirts!
2.  If you can't wear it at a Family Amusement Park,
     don't even think of wearing it here!
3.  NO "COLORS" or "Gang Signs" will be allowed.
4.  GUYS, Keep your underwear INSIDE your clothes.
     If you can't keep your pants up, buy a belt!
5.  Cowboy & Farmer's Hats are welcome... Baseball  type caps are OK if worn properly.
     Unless your eyes are on the side of your head, the visor should be in the front!
6.  No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service...

Home Sweet Home...
This is how I want people to think of "the Shed"... HOME.
I want it to be a comfortable place to spend relaxing hours, and have all the fun you care too!  Don't look for constant changes and new additions, because that's not what we're about.  We want you to come back here knowing what to expect with your next visit.  Consistency will be our goal!
Consistently Friendly,  Consistently Fun,  with Consistently Good Food, so that you will be practically guaranteed a GREAT TIME each and every time you spend an evening with us!

An Introduction and Explanation...without apology
Hi, my friends call me "Mace" and you are looking at my dream...
the Shed Saloon and Country Dance Hall.  It is my fondest wish to bring some old-time Western fun and mix it together with good old-fashioned Southern Hospitality. 
Among the decorations and antiques scattered about "the Shed" you will see flags.  Some are flags of our heritage, some from the past, and some that are no longer in common use today.
Prominently displayed on our stage along with the Flag of the United Stated of America you will see a flag that some mistakenly find offensive...the flag sometimes known as Ol' Dixie, the Southern Cross, the Stars and Bars, or the Confederate Battle Flag.  You will see this flag on our stage properly displayed on the RIGHT hand side of the stage from the audience's point of view; the flag of the United States of America being appropriately displayed in it's position of honor directly opposite.  The Southern Cross is not here to remind us of what was obviously wrong in the South, but to celebrate the things that were and are so very right.  Independent thinking, Hospitality and a slower, down-home way of life are the things I remember when I think of my years living in Dixie. (North Carolina to be precise)  
So... if you still think of Ol' Dixie as a symbol of slavery and racism, consider this...
Slavery was officially abolished in the United States of America on January 1st. 1863, and yes it did take the South a little while to come-around to the right way of thinking; but more than One Hundred and Forty Five years later, slavery STILL exists in some African Nations even today.
The shame isn't that slavery existed in the South long ago... the shame is that slavery exists at all.

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the Shed Saloon & Country Dance Hall...
it's the Place for Cold Beer, Warm Smiles, and HOT Times!