Well, what is a great place to "kick back" without games and sports?
The Shed will proudly host Pool, Horseshoes, Shuffleboard and Darts... but I'll bet you wouldn't have expected Bocce!
If it's fun and relaxing, we'll try to provide it for you!
Here are a couple of links for those of you who might not be familiar with the Game of Bocce.
                                          ( sometimes incorrectly called: Bocce Ball ) 


As I said before... Pool, Darts, Shuffleboard, Bocce and Horseshoes will all have their place at "the Shed" and tournament play will be encouraged!  Leagues will be welcomed under the conditions that the competition remains friendly and the play does not interfere with the enjoyment of our other guests.    


the Shed Saloon & Country Dance Hall...
it's the Place for Cold Beer, Warm Smiles, and HOT Times!